Friday, 23 September 2016

In case you missed it And here's how you can vote for me!

I was nominated for Personality Of The Year at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards...sweet, right? Lol. I just got details of how you can vote for me and other nominees. See that after the cut...


Online Voting

Fans can vote online at .

Limit: 5 times per category per computer per day


To vote via Google,

·        Search “MTV MAMA” on Google

·        Tap and select the nominee you'd like to vote for from the resulting Category Card

·        Click the “vote” button to submit

·        Users must log in with their verified Google Account before submitting their vote(s)

·        To vote from outside Africa, go to an AfricanGoogledomain, eg.,, etc.) and type "MTV MAMA" into the search bar

Limit: 5 votes per category per Google Account per day

Social Media Voting


·        Post a status update from your personal Facebook account that includes the hashtag #MAMAVote and name of the category (eg #Besthiphop) and the name of the NOMINEE for whom you would like to vote

·        Comment on a post from the MTV BASE AFRICA official Facebook page using the NOMINEE's name, the name of the category (eg #BestMale),and the hashtag, #MAMAVote.

Limit: one (1) NOMINEE name per post, and up to five (5) posts per day, per user


·        Using your personal Twitter account, Tweet, Retweet or Reply a NOMINEE’s name or Twitter handle using the designated hashtag#MAMAVoteand the relevant category(eg #BestFemale).

Limit: one (1) NOMINEE name per Tweet, and up to five (5) unique Tweets per day per Twitter account.


·        Using your personal Instagram account, post MAMA or MUSIC related original photos with a NOMINEE’s name or Instagram handle, the category name (eg #BestBreakthrough) and the hashtag,#MAMAVote in the lower-third copy.

·        Photos must originate from user’s account.

Limit one (1) NOMINEE name per photo post, and up to five (5) unique posts per day, per Instagram account