Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Photos: The state of the arrival lounge of Port Harcourt International airport

In October 2015, the Port Harcourt International Airport was listed as the worst airport in the world. The Travel Website - Sleeping In Airports, responsible for the list wrote:
"Respondents complained about unpleasant and unhelpful staff, alleged corruption, a severe lack of seating, broken air-conditioning and the fact that the arrivals hall was inside a tent. The good news is that some areas of the terminal have been recently renovated, meaning you can expect actual walls, floors and windows. Though it is a far cry from reasonable, improvements are being made."
 The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria immediately rejected the ranking and said the organization that carried out the rating exercise failed to take into consideration the fact that the airport is presently undergoing some re-modelling which will invariably cause passengers and operators in the airport some discomfort. Read here

Well a Twitter User shared these photos today and a lot of people claim the airport is still below standard.