Friday, 7 October 2016

Budget Padding: Kano lawmaker Jibrin takes drugs test

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- Suspended Kano lawmaker Abdulmumin Jibrin has visited the National Hospital Abuja for a drug tests on Tuesday, October 4
- Jibrin says the exercise is to prove to those claiming he was acting under the influence of drugs that he is not a drug user

- The hospital says the test will be released only if Jibrin decides to make it public
Jibrin inside the drugs lab at the National Hospital Abuja on Tuesday. Photo: Premium Times
Embattled House of Representatives member Abdulmumin Jibrin has taken drugs test to disprove claims that he is a drug abuser who is causing ‘trouble’ in the House under the influence of banned substance.
Premium Times reports that Jibrin was at the National Hospital Abuja on Tuesday, October 4 at around midday for the drug test.
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Jibrin told Premium Times after his test: “As you are aware, I have been making a lot of revelations about issues of corruption in the House of Representatives and that has created a lot of issues,” the lawmaker said.
“A lot of allegations has also been thrown at me and I have responded to all. Most of the allegations turned out to be false and I think as a last resort, Speaker Dogara, and the three others that I accused have been sponsoring a very massive media campaign against me, that everything I am saying, I am under the influence of hard drugs.
“So I am not taking that allegation lightly, because in the next few days, again I am going to release more shocking revelations.
Jibrin filing his hospital forms at the National Hospital Abuja.
“So I want Nigerians to be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that I am not talking under the influence of any kind of drug whatsoever. I don’t even drink alcohol, I don’t smoke even cigarette.