Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Builder who renovated his home while naked has been arrested after neighbours reported him to the police

Rob Jenner, a 42-year-old soldier turned carpenter from the UK has found himself in trouble with the law after neighbours complained about his ballsy antics. He was giving his home a new suit wearing nothing but boots and a work belt while going about the task.

The pictures of him naked went viral on the internet with neighbours complaining about his behaviour. After several complaints, Rob erected a sign reading: "A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence." But despite his polite notice, the bare builder who has been a naturist since 1999 has been branded a criminal and charged with using threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

One woman said she was not offended by his behaviour and he was a very pleasant man.
She said:
 "I've got a husband, sons and grandchildren so maybe that's why it doesn't shock me so much. Plus he's not a bad looking chap." Not everyone saw the lighter side though, he was arrested a second tine after neighbours continued to make complaints, given an antisocial behaviour warning notice and made to pay an £80 fine.
The singleton says he thinks the company advertising his property for let has taken it off its website following the controversy.
He said: 
"I think the law says it's not an offence until someone makes a complaint and people know that so they then report me. I'm being pessimistic but I think people just want to see trouble. People have been accusing me of things which are blatantly untrue. Naturism appeals to me due to the sense of freedom and liberation. Also I don't want to get beaten up and no one is going to hit someone who is naked."
He will appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court to enter pleas to the charges next Tuesday and again on Tuesday, 25 October.

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Source: Mirror UK